New Balance 996 35周年スペシャルコンテンツ Why 996?

1988年の誕生以来、ニューバランスを代表するロングセラーモデルとして愛され続ける「996」。発売から35周年を迎える今年、世代もライフスタイルも異なる “996 Lover”たちに「なぜ、幅広い世代で長きに渡り愛されてきたのか?」を問いかけるスペシャルコンテンツ「Why 996?」が公開されました。Webサイトの制作を担当。デザインとシームレスな設計により、ギャラリーを見ているような没入感を演出しました。

AGENCY : BOOMER / PRODUCE : Naoyuki Akiba (BOOMER) / PROJECT MANAGEMENT : Yuta Fukano (BOOMER) / ART DIRECTION : Yoshihiro Kato (OFFIBA) / WEB DIRECTION : Tatsuya Mizuguchi (IN FOCUS) / WEB DESIGN : Wang Shuqiang (IN FOCUS) / DEVELOPMENT : Taro Yoshimura (baqemono) / PHOTOGRAPHY : Tetsuo Kashiwada / STYLIST : Kondo Tomomichi / HAIR&MAKE : yui / WRITER : Rui Konno




    About HUMAN MADE Inc. Based on the mission, “Born from creative inspiration, made with heart and humanity,” the company fuses the latest culture of the streets with a deep reverence of the past, to create items and experiences that give rise to new culture.


    GARNI, which offers jewelry and accessories that are hand-crafted by the designer himself, has renewed its brand website with the hope that its products will play a supporting role in enhancing the radiance of those who wear them.

  • New Balance 996 New Standard

    Since its birth in 1988, the "996" has been loved by people as a long-selling model representing New Balance. The special website has been launched.


    The corporate website of "Asobi System," a culture production company that supports "HARAJUKU CULTURE" and other proudly made-in-Japan content and creates new "asobi" in the world, has been renewed.