Wang Shuqiang
Art Director, Media Artist, Graphic Designer, Web Designer
Intelligence, true strength, and human worth are not about how much better or more powerful you are than others, but about continuing to walk through this world with others.


Born in Jilin Province, China
2015 - 2019
Major in Media Art at the University of Art and Design
2019 - 2020
Shed Inc.
2020 - Now


Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, Color Proficiency Test Level 1
Certified Curator by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Based in Tokyo, Japan, he works in graphic design, photo direction, and web design. Our specialty is bold and engaging communication creativity deeply rooted in culture and visuals. I continue to work day by day, supported by family, friends, colleagues, great work, and lots of people, with the aim of creating a society where each and every one of us, scattered across boundaries, can call ourselves "we. May this journey one day lead you to a future where you walk with someone else, with love from WANG.


The reality of my existence and the reality of your existence, which you will be living, are incomparably different. You and I act based on an unconscious belief that “we prioritize the world based on our immediate emotions and experiences,” and our immediate emotions and experiences support the belief that “I am the only existent and observable absolute center.” Even if the actual events that we experience are exactly the same, they can have completely different meanings for you and me. Therefore, we are situated in a place where you cannot touch the foundation of me, and I cannot touch the foundation of you, and it is not easy for you and me to talk about “us.” However, we can choose to be slightly critical and skeptical of our own beliefs. We can realize that everything that is happening in this very moment is not only happening from my perspective, but also from your perspective. When we look at the world, the majority of things that we automatically believe in are nothing but delusions and illusions. It is this deep awareness that leads each of our different selves to a future where we live together, even though we can never coexist. In a world of repeated consumption and pain, the only thing we can share is the fact that we cannot share anything. Only by sharing the fact that we cannot share, can we free ourselves from the slavery of loneliness, arrogance, and endless desire. If we carefully focus our eyes and have the consciousness to give ourselves choices, we can notice that not only I, but also we are here. May there be love, gentle scars, compassion, joy, prayers, true freedom, and others in the reality of you and me. I am a marginal man. We are marginal man.