SEP, which became independent from the production division of Space Shower TV in 1993, has renewed its website. Based on its high level of creativity and trust with creators, SEP is engaged in the planning and production of a wide range of content, including music videos, live performances, commercials, websites, and XR, with the aim of "creating works that will remain in people's memories" and more than 400 productions per year.
ART DIRECTION:Shinya Nakayama (IN FOCUS) / WEB DIRECTION:Tatsuya Mizuguchi (IN FOCUS) / WEB DESIGN:Wang Shuqiang (IN FOCUS) / DEVELOPMENT:Hiroyuki Goto, Junichi Tomuro (IN FOCUS), Kiyoto Ike (IN FOCUS)




    About HUMAN MADE Inc. Based on the mission, “Born from creative inspiration, made with heart and humanity,” the company fuses the latest culture of the streets with a deep reverence of the past, to create items and experiences that give rise to new culture.

  • KEI Collection PARIS

    KEI Collection PARIS, a restaurant projecting the world view of Kei Kobayashi, winner of three stars in the French Michelin Guide for five consecutive years, is now open at TOKYO NODE, located on the top floor of Toranomon Hills Station Tower. Here, with a spectacular night view, you can enjoy a variety of gastronomic appetizers that bring out the best of the ingredients, as well as meat, fish, and vegetable dishes that are carefully prepared using “fire-roasting” techniques.


    GARNI, which offers jewelry and accessories that are hand-crafted by the designer himself, has renewed its brand website with the hope that its products will play a supporting role in enhancing the radiance of those who wear them.